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Emily is an artist from Brisbane (Quandamooka country) with a critical interest in the political forces of consumer culture that shape our lived experiences. Her practice explores the complex relationship between readymade objects, waste and female identity using fabric, thread and secondhand clothing. She does this by drawing on her own experiences as a consumer, allowing her to process the anxieties and discontents synonymous with participation in (and obedience to) mainstream, neoliberal systems of production and consumption. On a more personal level, Emily’s work allows her to connect with her migrant Maltese heritage, as dressmaking was her great grandmother’s trade upon arriving in Brisbane, Australia. Her studio is located on unceded Turrbal and Jagera land. 

Emily has also written for fashion criticism publications, and is affiliated with the Queensland University of Technology as a sessional academic.

Address Journal
The Fashion Studies Journal
Selvedge magazine

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