Nets (Balancing act)

Nets (Balancing act) features scrap fabric left over from dressmaking, alterations and other creative projects to explore alternate states of the garment as a readymade object. These scraps, some as narrow as 5mm wide, are stitched together to form a chain and then woven into large, diamond-like nets. Up close these irregular fragments echo the form of pattern pieces cut away and garment construction once in-tact. When using only existing scrap material, its haphazard shapes, sizes, colours and textures determine the aesthetic outcome and scale of the work, rather the artist's own preferences. This work captures a process of regeneration where remnants of the readymade are salvaged and repurposed to explore the value of post-consumer waste as a tool for guidance and reflection. 

Fabric, thread (215cm x 230cm)

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